At this juncture of India’s 68th Independence day, we are still far behind many countries, especially, in giving education. Many many thousands still have not received the fruit of knowledge which can change their life style and save them from poverty. We should do something to take basic education a mission. We are recognized as hard-working, by the people abroad because we Indians work even on holidays. Our aim in Krishnasamy is to produce more and more, who will make our nation proud. You all should be proud that you studied and moulded yourself up, at Krishnasamy. Swami Vivekananda asked for 100 youth, to face the challenge of changing our weakness to strength. You ‘Krish’ ian should be the one who has the courage, to declare you are the best in studies, character as well as discipline and thrive for the Exaltation of our nation.‘ JAI HIND’.