Our Logo






So spectacular is the LOGO of ours, bearing many significant symbols of tradition and modern thought, on the Shield right at the Centre, encircled by the banners of the institutions run by our Trust. Further it is adorned by a couple of glamorous ribbons, one on the top proudly fluttering the name of the Trust and the bottom gallantly bearing our motto:

“Education – Discipline – Exaltation”

  1. The Lotus and the Book on the left bottom denotes the traditional Gurukulam – method of learning which flow through us by personal attention we show on every individual joining our institution. They also denote EDUCATION, the prime need to fame.
  2. The Teaching class on the left top denotes the need for deep Knowledge.
  3. There are Radar Dish Antenna and Dancing girls on the right top to symbolize our commitment to enlighten our students on the scientific and talent based order of the day.
  4. The Exaltation-Height of Glory is achieved at last through education our banner and discipline our shield and such a height is represented by the replica of our proud Twinkling Stars Campus on the right bottom.
    So the aim of our education is not merely informative but formative as well.
    The wholes shield is surmounted by an “Ahal Vilakku” emitting radiant of light meaning that every student of this temple of learning, adhering to our motto, shall be the light of the world.