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“We the children of the Almighty
Rouse for our integrity
To be the champion of education
At our Krishnasamy Matriculation!
Let’s pray for the prosperity
And chant peace for humanity
To be the leader of generation
By our Krishnasamy Matriculation!
We aim for “Education
Discipline and Exaltation”!
Working for such destination
At our Krishnasamy Matriculation!
Rejoicing in such a glory
We salute this child of victory
Under the roof of inspiration
At our Krishnasamy Matriculation!
(We the Children)”


Tulip, Zinnia, Blue Bell, Daffodils!
We all together win,
When one of us wins!

Tulip stands for Regularity!
And dances in the red
Obedience first!

Zinna Stands for Punctuality!
And dances in the Green,
Patient team!

Blue bell stands for Honesty!
And dances in the Blue
The confident few!

Daffodils stands for Hospitality!
And dance in the Yellow
Diligent fellow!