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In pursuance of the objects of the Sri Subbulakshmi Krishnasamy Reddiar Education Trust, 10% concession In Tuition Fee will be given to all students whose mother tongue is Telugu, irrespective of caste, color, creed studying in the education institutions administered by the Trust (viz, Krishnasamy Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Krishnasamy Institute of Teacher Education for women, Krishnasamy College of Education for women, Krishnasamy School of Excellence)

Full scholarship from payment of all kinds of fees including Boarding and Lodging fee, in case he/she is a Hosteller and cost of Text Books and Note Books to the deserving and meritorious student, one in each standard from I Std to XII Std will be awarded to those whose mother tongue is Telugu subject to the condition, that he/she should continue to secure not less than 50% marks in all subjects.

Full tuition free concession and exemption from payment of Transport Fee to all wards of the employees who have completed one year of service in this Trust will be awarded.

Apart from the grant to Educational concession to the pupils whose mother tongue is Telugu and the award of scholarship to the awards of the Trust employees, it is proposed to grant scholarship to pupils irrespective of caste/religion/mother tongue to those who secure First three ranks from Class I to XI.

1st RANK Full fee waiver
2nd RANK 75% fee waiver
3rd RANK 80% fee waiver

The grant of Scholarship and Educational concession is subject to condition that the students should continue to should continue to secure not less than 50% of marks in every Class failing which he/she has to forfeit the scholarship / Educational concession. On 2013-2014 the total scholarship of the trust was awarded to 393 students. The total amount awarded was Rs.17,63,599/-


In addition to all the above we have about 9 prestigious endowment awards to support the academic excellence of the campus.

S.No Name of the Endowment Created by For Securing
1 Mrs.Uma Ramalingam Endowment -1> Mr. S. Ramalingam, C.A. Highest Total in XLL (Girl or Boy)
2 Mrs. Andal Ammal Endowment> Mr. K. Kumaraguru, C.A. Highest Mark in Tamil XII (Girl or Boy)
3 Dr. Krishnamurthy, M.D., Endowment> Dr. Krishnamuthy, M.D. Highest Mark in English XII (Girl or Boy)
4 Mr. B. Venkatasubbu Endowment> Mr. N. Rajaraman, C.A. Highest Mark in Maths XII (Girl or Boy)
5 Saraswathi Memorial Endowment> Mr. C. Murugan Highest Mark in Physics XII (Girl or Boy)
6 Mr. K. S. Narayanasamy Reddiar & Mrs. Rajambal Narayanasamy Endowment> Adv. N. Vijayakumar, B.A., B.L. Highest Mark in Chemistry XII (Girl or Boy)
7 Sri Subbulakshmi Krishnaswamy Reddiar Education Trust Endowment – 1> Dr. K.Gnanasundari, MBBS., DGO. Highest Mark in Biology XII (Girl or Boy)
8 Arunan Memorial Award> Adv. V.Sengutuvan, B.Sc., B.L. Highest Mark in Computer Science XII (Girl or Boy)
9 Sri Subbulakshmi Krishnaswamy Reddiar Educational Trust Endowment -2> Dr. K. Rajendran, M.S., FICS., FAIS Best outgoing Student XII( A Girl or A Boy)
10 Mrs. Uma Ramalingam Endowment – 2 Mr. S. Ramalingam, C.A. Highest Total in X (Girl or Boy)
11 Mr. C. Dandapani & Mrs.Suseela Dandapani Endowment Mr.C.Dandapani Highest Mark in Tamil X (Girl or Boy)
12 Mr.Durai Rajulu Naidu & Sons Endowment Mrs.Neelambal Highest Mark in English X (Girl or Boy)
13 Thiru. Duraisamy Reddiar & Mrs.Neelambal Duraisamy Endowment Mrs.Neelambal Highest Mark in maths X (Girl or Boy)
14 Mr.Devanatha Reddiar Endowment Mr.K. Devanatha Reddiar Highest mark in Science X (Girl or Boy)
15 Mr.G.S.Sundaram Endowment Mr.G.S.Sundaram Highest mark in Social Science X (Girl or Boy)
16 Mr.M.Balathadayutham Endowment Adv.M.Balathandayuthem,, B.L. Best outgoing in X – Boy
17 Mrs.Chitra Balathandayutham Endowment Mrs.Chitra Balathandayuthem Best outgoing in X –Girl
18 Dr.K.N.Balasubramanian (United States) Endowment Dr.K.N.Balasubramanuian, M.E., Ph.D. Teachers responsible to get centums in XII – Main Subjects. (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Accountancy & Economics)
19 Mrs. Chandrika Balasuburamanian Endowment KMMHSS Staff A Teacher responsible to get highet mark in English – XII
20 Principal R.Natarajan Endowment KMMHSS Staff Teachers responsible to get centum in X Social Studies